Video Instructions for The Ghajar Guide® Cranial Drill - Micro Drill System (#04-0002) and Standard Drill System (#04-0001)
QuickTime View an Apple QuickTime Virtual Reality object by clicking on the images below. You can download the QuickTime Plug-In by clicking the button on the left.

If you have a modem connection it may be better to view the footage in segments. If you have a broadband connection we recommend downloading the full file.

part 1 part 1 (647 KB)
51sec playtime

part 2 part 2 (511 KB)
36sec playtime

part 3 part 3 (707 KB)
49sec playtime

part 4 part 4 (436 KB)
36sec playtime

Full Movie Full Movie (2394 KB) - 3min 20sec


Video Instructions for The Ghajar Guide® One Piece (#01-0001) Five Piece (#05-0001) coming soon


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